Over a cup of tea: Greg talks about Ashraya house in this months Architecture Today.

23 Feb 2022

Greg talks about Kirkland Fraser Moor’s Ashraya house, a low carbon property tucked beneath an arching roof and covered in a blanket of greenery that melds it with its Chiltern Hills setting. Read Greg’s review in this months Architecture Today


What it means to win a British Homes Award… by a previous winner

15 Jun 2021

As we count down to this year’s awards deadline, recent British Homes Award winners Foster Lomas discuss the impact of their win – from BBC2 appearances to carving a strong reputation in a specific architectural niche – and share what’s happened since…

We’re Hiring!

23 Apr 2021

Midweight Interior Designer/ Interior Architect

FT: How To Spend It

15 Apr 2021

No Pane, No Gain

RIBA PIP Lecture – A Restorative Rural Retreat for Sartfell

09 Nov 2020

Greg gives a project overview as part of the RIBA PIP lecture series

Resident Dog 2

06 Nov 2020

Sartfell is featured in the excellent Resident Dog 2

Adventures in Stone

22 Oct 2020

Greg talks about our experiences working with stone to pupils at the University of Westminster

A House in Donegal

02 Aug 2020

Our project in Donegal has been submitted for planning

Artists Residence Sanctuary Pod

25 Jun 2020

A trip back to Pollinaria

Professional Practice Podcast

09 May 2020

Greg talks to Austin Williams for the Professional Practice Podcast