Bukit Lawang Lodge

17/07/2010 - Ongoing

Bukit Lawang Lodge - Sumartra, Indonesia

The Bukit Lawang Lodge is a trekking retreat located in Sumatra, Indonesia, on a site adjacent to an orang-utan sanctuary on the side of a river.

This is one of only two locations in the world Orang-utans inhabit. The design takes inspiration from the nomadic nests that the Orang-utans build within the treetops of the forest each day. Their elaborate constructions are woven from branches and leaves and consist of canopies that deflect the rain beneath which they build enclosed nests to sleep in.

The client required the lodge to operate as a private residence whilst also providing separate accommodation for tourists. The lodge consists of three ‘nests’ that are protected by the ‘canopy’ roof. One nest is separated as the guest accommodation by a structural gabion wall made from local river stones. The other two nests provide a home for the client’s family.

The nests are crafted from locally sourced timber from the rainforest and the canopy roof is built from corrugated metal, a readily available material that is used locally as it is monkey proof.

In collaboration with:

7t – Visualisations

Architecture and Landscape

Status: ongoing

Client: private


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