Albion Riverside


The Penthouse apartment forms a viewing proscenium which frames the spectacularly lit up Albert Bridge.

The brief here was to create a sumptuous space in which all of the major furnishings and lighting features are completely integrated into the architecture, save some spectacular pendant lights which act a central punctuation points. The project allowed FL to celebrate their rich rostrum of specialised makers drawing on skilled cabinet makers, marquetry and lacquer artisans. The design introduces a series of forms which sit below the original ceiling height so that the intervention is read as an intentional design move articulating these spaces with dark wood soffits whilst the original ceilings remain a clean white, to augment the contrast of the intervention. These forms are outlined with continuous LED strips to create a sculptural drawing with light. Two cylindrical pods house the bathrooms and create an artistic effect as well as acting as kaleidoscopes to reflect the surroundings. The whole project is a play on surface treatments some highly gloss others mat to create an elegant and highly unique apartment.