Waterstream is a commercial new build project that references traditional Sussex barns through its contemporary design. The proposed complex consists of buildings that resemble high-quality farm structures, each with a unique identity and character that complements the local context. Together, they form a picturesque grouping appropriate for a village setting. The arrangement of the barns partially encloses a ‘yard,’ a typical feature of local farmyard architecture. Local materials are prominently used, including Horsham stone for wall cladding and reclaimed plain clay tiles for the smaller barn roofs. This choice reduces the carbon footprint by minimizing transport costs and embodied carbon. Black zinc is proposed for the larger barn, aligning with the existing site buildings, many of which are clad in black metal sheeting commonly found on agricultural structures.

The building spans 4,000 square feet, with the ground floor dedicated to client experience and retail, and the upper floor in the larger barn housing the design and sales departments.

When approaching the buildings from the access road visitors will be greeted by a collection that appears as a farmstead; they are not intended to be a pastiche of the vernacular but a contemporary interpretation that sits comfortably alongside the buildings on the rest of the site.

The construction of the project is due to complete in June 2025.